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      Listing 404 Windows Software...
      12d Model Version:9.0 C2d · Downloads:2609
      12d Model

      Surveying, Civil and Water Engineering

      Distributed in over 60 countries & on the market for over 20 years, 12d Model is a proven world leader in civil engineering, water engineering & land surveying software.

      2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition Version:2.0 · Downloads:2661
      2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition

      Dynamic Frame Analysis

      2D Frame Analysis is a powerfull application which uses optimized finite elements (beam elements) in order to perform static and dynamic analysis of beams, frames and trusses.

      2D Frame Analysis Static Edition Version:2.0 · Downloads:3456
      2D Frame Analysis Static Edition

      Static Frame Analysis

      2D Frame Analysis is a powerfull application which uses optimized finite elements (beam elements) in order to perform static analysis of beams, frames and trusses.

      2D Truss Analysis Version:2.0 · Downloads:5336
      2D Truss Analysis

      Truss Analysis

      2D Truss Analysis is a powerfull application which uses optimized finite elements (bar elements) in order to perform static analysis of trusses.

      A3C: ArcelorMittal Columns Calculator Version:2.93 · Downloads:388
      A3C: ArcelorMittal Columns Calculator

      ArcelorMittal-CTICM Columns Calculator

      The A3C software allows the designer to perform the detailed verification of a single steel member or a composite steel-concrete column according to the rules of the Eurocodes.

      A9CAD Version:2.2.1 · Downloads:2835

      General purpose two-dimensional CAD program

      A9CAD is a general purpose two-dimensional CAD program.

      A9Convert Version:1.0.4 · Downloads:1814

      Convert DWG/DXF to different versions

      A9Convert is a command line program to convert DWG/DXF to different versions of DWG/DXF.

      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator Version:3.49 · Downloads:330
      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator

      Calculation of Steel, Partially Encased, Composite, or Integrated Beams

      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator is a free pre-design tool for use in designing a variety of steel and composite structures such as portal frames, beam and column structures, trusses, and column-beam connections.

      ACB: ArcelorMittal Castellated Beams Version:3.15 · Downloads:235
      ACB: ArcelorMittal Castellated Beams

      Predesign of Steel or Composite Cellular Beams with Circular Openings

      Predesign of steel or composite cellular beams with circular openings in cold and fire conditions.

      ACE Advanced Cost Estimator Version:1.8.2 · Downloads:106
      ACE Advanced Cost Estimator

      Price and Weight Estimations of Steel Framed Buildings

      Software ACE provides quick prices and weight estimations of steel framed buildings based on I-profiles.

      ACOBRI Version:5.03 · Downloads:2151

      Composite Bridges Preliminary Design to Eurocodes

      ACOBRI is a software developed by the CTICM for ArcelorMittal to optimize the preliminary design of structures with composite steel-concrete deck.

      ACoP: ArcelorMittal Connection Program Version:1.0.2 · Downloads:243
      ACoP: ArcelorMittal Connection Program

      Connection Design According ENV 1993

      CoP (Connection Program) is a software to design joints between open sections in steel building frames according to ENV 1993 (Eurocode 3).

      ACP: ArcelorMittal Construction Phase Version:1.0.2 · Downloads:309
      ACP: ArcelorMittal Construction Phase

      Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams

      ArcelorMittal Construction Phase ACP for composite solutions to check the LTB behaviour of composite and/or partially encased beams during erection.

      ADC Version:8.4 · Downloads:2107

      Analysing and Designing Reinforced Concrete Beams

      Structural design software for analysing and designing reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns and piles.

      ADONIS Version:2.5.2 · Downloads:1137

      Two-Dimensional Geotechnical Finite Element Program

      ADONIS is an easy-to-use yet powerful geotechnical-engineering tool for the linear and nonlinear analysis of geotechnical problems.

      AdSec Version:8.4 · Downloads:827

      Analyse Sections Under Load

      AdSec is ideal for tasks such as analysing a bridge beam for cracking under load, designing a composite mega column, checking a pre-stressed floor or finding the capacity of a pile.

      Advance Design Version:2019 · Downloads:3405
      Advance Design

      Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete & Steel Structures

      Advance Design is a complete integrated analysis / design software dedicated to engineers.

      Advance Steel Version:2018 · Downloads:1935
      Advance Steel

      3D Modelling Software for Steel Detailing

      Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers and steel detailers who require professional and easy-to-use BIM structural steel detailing software that automates the production of drawings, BOMs and NC files.

      AEC 3D ReBar Version:1.0 · Downloads:1476
      AEC 3D ReBar

      RC Designer and Detailer

      AEC 3D Rebar, is the same functionality as that of a structural engineer, a draftsman, a detailer and an estimating engineer working all together from concept to completion of design, detailing and drawing.

      AEC Budget Version:3.1 · Downloads:1234
      AEC Budget

      Estimate The Resources Under Project Execution

      The AEC Budget as an innovative budgeting tool that helps the user to estimate the resources under project execution, making it to plan by extending tight integration to MS Project

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      Most Popular Downloads

      329989 hitsWest Point Bridge Designer v2016

      Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in US. West Point Bridge Designer provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge.

      28340 hitsLTBeam v1.0.11

      LTBeam is a software which deals with the elastic Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams under bending action about their major axis.

      15637 hitsSAP2000 v20

      From its 3D object based graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis and design options completely integrated across one powerful user interface, SAP2000 has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program on the market today.

      13742 hitsTRUSS4 v13

      Software suite TRUSS4 is designed for analysis of timber truss structures connected with punched metal plate fasteners.

      13164 hitsEBPlate v2.01

      EBPlate is a piece of software developed by CTICM with a partial funding of the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). It assesses the critical stresses associated to the elastic buckling of plates loaded in their plan.

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