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    4. CESDb > Structural Design
      Listing 45 Structural Design Software...
      ACOBRI Version:5.03 · Hit:2151

      Composite Bridges Preliminary Design to Eurocodes

      ACOBRI is a software developed by the CTICM for ArcelorMittal to optimize the preliminary design of structures with composite steel-concrete deck.

      ACUDO Version:1.3 · Hit:1613

      Accumulation of Water in Buildings Roofs

      ACUDO is an Excel application which examines the effect of water accumulation phenomenon in a building roofs.

      Advance Design Version:2019 · Hit:3405
      Advance Design

      Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete & Steel Structures

      Advance Design is a complete integrated analysis / design software dedicated to engineers.

      AEC 3D ReBar Version:1.0 · Hit:1476
      AEC 3D ReBar

      RC Designer and Detailer

      AEC 3D Rebar, is the same functionality as that of a structural engineer, a draftsman, a detailer and an estimating engineer working all together from concept to completion of design, detailing and drawing.

      Archie-M Version: · Hit:2763

      Assess Arch Bridges

      Archie-M was designed to help engineers to assess arch bridges.

      ASDIP Concrete Version:3.6.1 · Hit:1567
      ASDIP Concrete

      Design of Concrete members per the latest IBC, ACI 318 specifications

      ASDIP Concrete is a suite of modules specifically dedicated to the design of concrete members such as beams, columns and walls, based on the latest ACI 318 specifications.

      ASTRA Pro Version:23 · Hit:1851
      ASTRA Pro

      Analysis & Design of Bridges with Foundations, Hydrological Analysis, Culverts, Underpasses

      The simplest and versatile software for structural analysis and design of bridges with super structures, sub structures, foundations, hydrological analysis, culverts, underpasses.

      AStrutTie Version:2017 · Hit:2127

      Strut-and-Tie Model Analysis / Design of Structural Concrete

      AStrutTie is a strut-tie model analysis/design software for concrete members with disturbed stress regions.

      AxisVM Version:X5 · Hit:2566

      Structural Analysis and Design

      Civil engineers use AxisVM for the analysis of structures with confidence that their final engineering product will meet the most up-to-date engineering analysis and design requirements.

      BDSolution Version: · Hit:1160

      Create Detailed Drawings of RC Beam

      BDSolution program facilitates the preparation of final drawings of RC beam. It provides the tools and links to create detailed drawings of RC beam in an intuitive manner.

      BEAMD Version:2018 · Hit:1730

      RC beam design, detailing, drafting and scheduling

      BEAMD is the complete and totally integrated solution for RC beam design, detailing, drafting and scheduling.

      Brufem Version:4 · Hit:1164

      Modeling, Analysis and Load Rating of Highway Bridges

      The BRUFEM program is used to perform automated finite element modeling, analysis, and load rating of highway bridges using a complete 3-D model.

      Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign Version:2.1.1 · Hit:1464
      Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign

      Design Of Flexural Members Of Cold-Formed Steel

      Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign is a friendly and powerful software for the design of flexural members of Cold-Formed Steel, following AISI 2001 and 1996/99 Specifications.

      ColumnBase Version:4.0.2 · Hit:1054

      Analysis & Design of Column-Base Connections Integrated 3D FE

      ColumnBase is integrated software for analysis and design of column-base connections using three-dimensional finite element modeling.

      ConcreteDesign Version:0.34 · Hit:1527

      Determine The Amount of Reinforcement in a Concrete Section

      Civil engineering app to determine the amount of reinforcement in a concrete section for preliminary design.

      ConSteel Version:13.0 · Hit:1239

      Structural Analysis For Constructions Of Steel

      ConSteel provides a structural analysis software for the design office mainly involved in constructions of steel and composite structures.

      CSiBridge Version:21 · Hit:1804

      3D Bridge Analysis, Design and Rating

      CSiBridge design allows for quick and easy design and retrofitting of steel and concrete bridges.

      CSiCOL Version:9 · Hit:440

      Reinforced Concrete Column Design

      CSiCOL is a comprehensive software package used for the analysis and design of columns.

      csJoint Version:13.0 · Hit:1378

      Steel Connection Design

      csJoint connection design software can be run as a stand-alone application and proved to be an efficient tool for structural connection design.

      Descon Version:7.1.5 · Hit:101

      Structural Steel Connection Design

      Whether you work with structural connections constantly or just once in a while, Descon is a comprehensive tool that is used with each stage of the connection design process.

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      Most Popular Structural Design Downloads

      329989 hitsWest Point Bridge Designer v2016

      Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in US. West Point Bridge Designer provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge.

      15637 hitsSAP2000 v20

      From its 3D object based graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis and design options completely integrated across one powerful user interface, SAP2000 has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program on the market today.

      13742 hitsTRUSS4 v13

      Software suite TRUSS4 is designed for analysis of timber truss structures connected with punched metal plate fasteners.

      9790 hitsETABS v16

      ETABS is the solution, whether you are designing a simple 2D frame or performing a dynamic analysis of a complex high-rise that utilizes non-linear dampers for inter-story drift control.

      5833 hitsGaLa Reinforcement v4.1

      GaLa Reinforcement is a free program, developed as a part of Dr. Ilia Alashki Ph. D. thesis in 1997-2002.

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