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      DEVELOPER :Fatigue Life LLC
      VERSION :1.10
      PLATFORM :Windows
      FILE SIZE :243.77 MB
      LICENSE :Trial
      DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:43
      SFAT Description

      SFAT is a fatigue life analysis software for steel structures, components, as well as welded and bolted connections in bridges, cranes, offshore platforms, offshore wind structures, and other structures subjected to cyclic loading. SFAT is a design code compliance software. Fatigue failure involves complex phenomena and mechanism, and the design codes constantly change as researches, practices and experiences evolve. Using SFAT the user can minimize risk of failure from cyclic loading and ensure design code compliance by applying automated fatigue life analysis, making the complicated fatigue life calculations and prediction easy. Increase your design productivity with streamlined workflows to reduce unnecessary repetition of work and effectively eliminate human errors.

      Features of SFAT Software

      SFAT can handle cyclic loading from as simple as a single stress value, to component stresses of large number of nodes/elements in large number of loading steps generated by ANSYS, with the computer hardware limit being the ceiling. Stress history files generated by other FEA packages can also be imported and processed. Data input can be generated by manual entry, by importing ANSYS .rst files, or by importing stress history files. The loading can be of constant amplitude or variable amplitude, proportional or non-proportional. For non-proportional loading conditions, the program scans for critical plane that generates the highest fatigue damage ratio.

      SFAT calculates fatigue damage ratios for each loading cycle, sums cumulative damage ratios using Miner’s Rule, and counts the number of loading cycles using rainflow counting algorithm following ASTM 1049 procedure. In addition to reporting calculations, the graphical charts of stress range time history, stress range histogram and fatigue damage ratios are also generated.

      Modules of SFAT Software

      1. ANSI/AISC 360, Specification for Structural Steel Buildings.
      2. ASME BTH-1, Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.
      3. EN 1993-1-9, Design of steel structures – Part 1-9: Fatigue.
      4. DNVGL-RP-C203, Fatigue design of offshore steel structures.
      5. API-2A-WSD, API Recommended Practice 2A-WSD: Planning, Designing, and Constructing Fixed Offshore Platforms — Working Stress Design.
      6. ISO 19902, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Fixed steel offshore structures.

      * SFAT download link provides trial version of the software.

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