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      SOFTWARE :PileSuite
      VERSION :1.0
      PLATFORM :Windows
      FILE SIZE :18.41 MB
      LICENSE :Demo
      DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:125
      PileSuite Description

      PileSuite is a powerful suite of software products for deep foundation analysis and design for both onshore and offshore projects. It contains four main software modules for nonlinear pile group analysis under general loading, laterally loaded single piles, axially loaded single piles and rock socket design.

      The combined software suite provides an integrated program interface which allows the users to undertake comprehensive analyses for various deep foundation design problems, such as Nonlinear Pile Group under General Loading (PileGroup), Laterally Loaded Single Piles (PileLAT), Axially Loaded Single Piles (PileAXL) and Rock Socket (PileROC).  

      It consists of the following four main modules:

      • PileLAT module for laterally loaded single piles based on p-y curves;
      • PileAXL module for axiallyloaded single pileswhich estimate the geotechnical axial capacity and settlement under axial loadings for driven and bored piles;
      • PileROC module for rock socket design under both axial and lateral loading conditions; and
      • PileGroup module for three-dimensional nonlinear analysis of pile groups under general loading.

      * PileSuite download link provides demo version of the software.

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