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    4. DisNet screenshot
      SOFTWARE :DisNet
      VERSION :2.0
      PLATFORM :Windows
      FILE SIZE :196.68 MB
      LICENSE :Trial
      DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:730
      DisNet Description

      DisNet is a powerful, useful and comprehensive water pipe network modeling software that can be effectively used for modeling a new or editing an existing distribution system and supports as your modeling requirements grow.

      Software DisNet from TechSOFT Engineering Services is primarily for the engineering applications in Water Distribution System, Drainage, Stream Hydrology etc. The output is generated with highest possible level of accuracy and with sufficient information details. DisNet is the most complete software in the international market place to design water distribution facilities for various sites most effectively. In DisNet, the USP lies in its simplicity for applications which are very complex processes and such simplicity is hardly available in other market available products.

      Key Features:

      • Easy-to-use CAD Interface to work interactively on Site Plan Drawing
      • Uses ground Topographic Survey Data In system model
      • Operations Modeling with location and details of source and pumps
      • Simplest way tor Model Building and Editing
      • Comprehensive in built CAD Management
      • Results Presentation as Reports and CAD drawings
      • Output includes node wise elevation and aval anle head
      • Output includes pipe wise diameter and discharge
      • Model Management
      • Option Studies that helps in Cost Management
      • Training data. Step by step Users Guide and Training video
      • River Stream Hydrology and Synthetic Unit Hydrograph

      * DisNet download link provides trial version of the software.

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