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    4. CESDb > Structural Analysis > ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator
      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator screenshot
      SOFTWARE :ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator
      DEVELOPER :ArcelorMittal
      VERSION :3.49
      PLATFORM :Windows
      FILE SIZE :4.58 MB
      LICENSE :Freeware
      DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:330
      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator Description

      ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator is a free pre-design tool for use in designing a variety of steel and composite structures such as portal frames, beam and column structures, trusses, and column-beam connections. This tool allows for the calculation of steel, partially encased, composite, or integrated beams (SFB & IFB types A and B), in cold and fire conditions. This software complies with Eurocodes 3 and 4.

      The user-friendly interface requires a short training time for a new user. However, the user must have an appropriate knowledge in the fields of steel structures and of composite concrete-steel structures. The user should also check whether the project dealt with falls within the field of application of this software and, if needed, should complete the calculations carried out by the application with the verifications that might be required.

      * ABC: ArcelorMittal Beams Calculator download link provides freeware version of the software.

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